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    Noob question about deploying ENS 10.5


      I am having a little trouble figuring out the deployment process.

      I have in my head that ENS 10.5 is a single product.  This is bolstered by my remembering that if I want to keep HIPS instead of using the ENS firewall component, then I need to pass the installer a command line argument to keep HIPS.


      when it comes time to create deployment tasks for deploying ENS 10.5(.2) from EPO, I notice that ot looks like I have to deploy 4 components separately -Platform, Firewall, WebControl, and Threat Prevention. -- The deployment guide says to make a deployment for "McAfee Endpoint Security" - but I don't have "McAfee Endpoint Security" in my Products dropdown.  I only have the individual components ...  "Endpoint Security Firewall" "Endpoint Security Platform"  etc.

      I must be missing somthing.  I thought one of the advantages of all this was a merging of components - I just need to install on product "McAfee Endpoint Security" which takes the place of VSE and HIPS, but it turns out that instead of managing updates for those two product, I have to manage 4 products instead?


      I am certain I am confused, so hopefully someone can set me straight.  Is it possible to install McAfee Endpoint Security as a single product?  if yes - maybe I am just missing some product that can be checked in for full suite installation.

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          You are correct assuming first that ENS 10.5 contains multiple modules/components..


          1. McAfee Agent

          2. ENS Framework

          3. Firewall

          4. Thread Prevention

          5. WEB Control

          6. Optional Adaptive Threat Protection..



          When creating a install / deploy task you would always install Framework first and then chose whichever components you want to install additionally. (use same task to preform all installs) For slim just AV solution you would chose ENS Framework  / Threat Prevention and Web Control.


          hope this helps..