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    ENS On-Access High risk process exclusions missing from policy in ePO.


      I've noticed a couple of days ago that when I edit my policy for On-Access scan, I'm not seeing any processes identified as High-risk, I only see my low risk processes in there.


      I have the following setup in my policy: Configure different settings for High Risk and Low Risk processes

      And I know we built from the McAfee policy which had a bunch of high-risk processes in there and added to it over the years.


      I've validated on a couple of ENS clients and I can see them in there as high-risk as well as those that I've setup as low-risk... so I'm kind of wondering, why I'm not seeing them in ePO anymore.


      I tried adding a new one as a high-risk and it does show up, so I'm wondering what could have gone wrong.


      Anyone has seen this before or has any ideas?