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    MWG disconnect with DC


      Hi guys,


      Do you know if the connection session between MWG to AD is a
      long or short TCP connection ?


      I'm facing a issue to disconnect my MWG with DC give a error "The Following domain(s) can't be contacted: abc.xyz.local(Origin: Authenication,ID:903,240 time within last 5 hours)"

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          Jon Scholten



          The MWG-to-DC connection is a long running connection. It should also be very chatty as anytime a user authenticates, MWG must talk to the DC (assuming proxy auth is in use).


          Shot in the dark but, 900k is a lot of times to be disconnected in 5 hours, I'm guessing its not a timeout... Perhaps there is an IPS in between and it sees SMBv1 traffic, and resets the connection.


          With MWG version 7.8, SMBv2 is used for MWG-to-DC communication. I believe there is discussion on-going to have it backported to older versions but I dont have a timeline on that.


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