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    Description field in MEE Manager


      Do you guys know if it's possible to add an extra field the Machine Groups.
      I mean in the window where you see all the machines.

      Here i would like to have a field, sort of desciption field, that i can put in some notes on the specific machine.
      I know its possible to put in notes under description under every specific computer, but since most machines belongs to groups with same config, that is not possible.

      Do you guys have any idea or tip for me?

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          To display that information, it would require that the admin console read in the description of all the machines. The description is not part of the index, so it would have to read the information from every object entry directly. It isn't like meta-data on your photo/mp3 files, where it can just skim through to get that information.

          Try using the reporting tool to schedule a nightly job, then read from that. We publish a few reports on our internal website to help make certain information available at a glance (client version, encryption state, machines over XX days old).