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      Every time I restart my PC, the first time I use TrueKey, the TrueKey interface is full of meaningless text rather than the titles that should be there.


      See attachment.  I'm using the Chrome extension on Windows 10.

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          Hi codysydney


          From the screenshot I see that you have 4.19 version of True Key installed. Go to https://www.truekey,com/download/  and install True Key without uninstalling the currently installed product. This should install 4.20 which is the latest version, check and revert back if the issue stil persists.




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            Thanks, I downloaded and reinstalled, but even after rebooting, my version number remains 4.19.108.  Shouldn't this thing keep itself up to date anyway?   I'll give it some tests to see if the problem's fixed anyway.. thanks

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              For your information, our True Key on Windows platform does update in the background without user's interaction, if you reload TK and get the same version it is because no updates were available. We push our updates directly to the clients when we are releasing new updates.

              Regarding the login page, this is a random issue we are aware of, and as being random it wont reproduce every time and it is possible that by reinstalling like you just did, it won't, but the issue remains and I need to make sure that this is completely addressed so the issue won't repeat anymore.


              Marc D.

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                After reinstalling the issue is still happening.  It's not random for me, it's quite repeatable, so let me know if there's anything I can do to help isolate it.  Not a big deal because cancelling the login and trying again fixes it, but it's not a good look

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                  Good morning,

                  That is what I thought, that eventually you would see this login window again. Give me a a couple of days and I will try to see how can this be fixed permanently.


                  Marc D.