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    MDT 2012 Installing Mcaffee as an Application


      Hi all,


      Im trying to install Mcaffee as part of the Task Sequence when building a windows 10 machine.


      Im using MSIEXEC and the command i have tried is msiexec /a "The MSI FIle" /passive.  This fails and i have no idea why.


      I came across a document on the mcafee's website that said you had to run the setup EXE file with /IMPORTMSISTRINGS and then run the MSIEXEC Command.  This doesnt do it either.


      If i run MSIEXEC /package "MSI file name" it no longer becomes a silent install and I can install the app interactively.  Which isnt what i am aiming for,


      So any help would be great.


      Thank you.