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    IPS slows the incoming outlook emails with attachment when install new load balance appliance.


      Hi ,




      We have attached a new peplink balance 380 to mcafee IPS appliance. we didn't change any configuration yet on the network, just the load balance.

      first we have tried the barracuda load balancer and the incoming email with attachment slows down for 20 mins worst. so we change it to peplink load balancer

      but the problem is still the same. the MTU is already configure to 1500,1404,1400 but still having issue. no filter on load balance .


      Is there a specific configuration on IPS we need to change inorder for us to work it smoothly?


      or any second thoughts that might causing the error.


      we're having this problem for a long time and still we can't find what might causing this problem.


      Incoming and outgoing without attachment works fine.

      outgoing with attachment works fine.

      Incoming with attachment the network drops or taking it too long to received.




      Thanks in advance,