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    Mcafee DLP Device(policy problem)

      Hi all,
      First of all sorry for my bad English. I included this post yesterday in the category network / business but I think it fits better in this subcategory. I´ve a big problem applying Mcafee dlp device policies in a workstation environment (active directory not present). The problem is with DLP extension in epo 4,when I apply a global policy (only permit create one!!) with all devices and rules definitions (block, monitor & notify) for local users (to assign to workstations), all the DLP catalog directives present in EPO4, when they are assigned to machines, I´ve a problem with directives overlap and it applies the most restrictive in the machine.
      Someone could tell me if I'm doing something wrong to configure Mcafee DLP Policies to workstation machines? I

      I do not know how to solve this problem that I need some machines has a block directive policy, and some machines only monitoring directive.

      Thanks in advance