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    Password Reset Process - How exactly does it work?


      Hello All,


      We have been having issues with users who reset their passwords, and after rebooting the next day the system tells them that their token data is invalid. So they need to have their password reset again.


      Through experience, I have noticed that users who have to reset their password again have reported that their previous password is similar.


      Would someone be able to explain to me what happens when a user resets their password? I would like to know the following:


      • Is it possible that if the password they enter is similar to a previous password, the client will not be informed that it violates a password policy, but the server will simply reject it?
      • What do the following log entries on the client side mean?
          • WARNING EpoMaLpcLog    Service not available
          • WARNING EpoPlugin           dataChanelServant: discarding DC message which was destined fora previous (and now dead) session (incorrect correlation ID: ....).


      I realize I may not be giving enough information, so if there's anything else that you would need to know, please ask.