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    Fatal error EE020002



      First, thank you for this forum


      I have a laptop that should be encrypted with EE version that doesn't boot.

      I receive this message


      McAfee Drive Encryption

      Fatal Error: (0xEE020002)


      I'm trying to decrypt it using DETech tool,

      I have downloaded the EZPE32 v7.5 - 070517

      but I feel that even if there is the ver7.2.1.24 I'm not working with the correct version


      How may I check the correct EE version I have to choose?


      I have the feeling that if I select the stand alone for MBR function, it doesn't prepare the USB in the proper way. At the boot, the laptop say "An operating system wasn't found. ....."


      The laptop is quite new, it comes with Windows 10 but currently there is Win 7 x64


      Other suggestions?


      thank you in advance for your support!