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      Hello all. I've just decided to place my two MWG instances back into a cluster setup in order to have them be synchronized but I've been hitting an issue where it said "cannot add node because local node has no running listener available". I saw a post on here saying that that error message was misleading and was really an error due to changes made in 7.7.2 re: Cluster CA settings.


      I then proceeded to follow the "Replace the cluster certificate" instructions in the 7.7.2 Product Guide, exported cert and private key to a file. After that I imported the exported CA cert to both appliances. When I add my second appliance to my first appliance, I see this error:Cluster_Error.PNG


      I also see that the second appliance is intermittently unreachable. I'm not sure why this happens. it's the same case when I use a CA cert from our enterprise CA. Could anyone assist?