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    Real time and historical correlation on ACE.


      Hello experts,


      I was going through mcafee esm's manual and came across ACE's ability to correlate the event/log/flow data.

      In the product guide it says :


      Be aware of the following when using historical correlation:

      • Real-time correlation is discontinued until you disable historical correlation.

      • The risk distribution is skewed by event aggregation.

      • When you move the risk manager back to real-time risk correlation, the thresholds must be tuned.


      1) I want to know that why it is that when historical correlation capability is enabled real-time correlation doesn't work.?

      2) What is the skewing of events by event aggregation mentioned in the product guide.

      3) It says when the real-time risk correlation is enabled again what are the thresholds and why there is a need of tuning them