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    Virus Scan Mobile for WM 6.1 (PPC)


      I own a Samsung i900 Omnia mobile and I wanted to install a Virus protection software on it.
      Looking through the web site I have seen that there is this VirusScan Mobile for WM 5.0 and 6.0.

      As I am a long time user of McAfee products and currently I own a McAfee Total Protection, and
      having seen that this VSM is available as a free feature to the subscribers of McAfee Total Protection,
      I though it was worth to try and install it on my mobile. Unfortunately the installation CAB exits with
      error saying that the product can not be installed on my operating system.

      Browsing through the forums I have sadly noticed that the VSM development effort is quite
      slow. But anyway I wanted to ask if and when we will see VSM support for the Omnia platform
      and in general for the PPC WM6.1 operating system.
      We know that 99% what runs on WM6.0 runs also on 6.1 so it should not be such a big effort.

      Ex_Brit, if you don't have a ready answer, could you please be so kind to escalate the question
      and see if we can get an answer from the developers ?

      I know that today the antivirus for mobiles market is not that big, but with the spreading
      of WM platforms on mid-end phones, probably the effort to make a build compatible also with
      WM 6.1 is worth the while. Also they should consider that WM 6.5 is about to be released so
      soon they will need anyway to update the software if they don't want to slow back vs competition.