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    Multiple Mobile Vrus Scan Problems

      In January (Maybe February) I purchased a Motorola Q9H (Global) phone. It came with the Mcafee Virus scan program installed. Everything was working ok but not anymore.
      The last update that was done was 3/2/2008 at 1:11:20 AM. 1.1.3 version registered to MotorolaEdition. The Q9H runs Mobile 6.0.
      Did I only have a free month of updates or something?
      First thing I notice now is that using the sticky message from the top of this forum that that particular web address (www.mobile.mcafee.com) is a broken link and none of the manual updates work. I have tried to access the mobile site from either my computer or my phone and it doesn't work from either location.
      So what do I do now?
      Phone has been having issues with its home page for awhile as well as MSN Messenger but I can still surf the web on my phone and I can get messenger to work but it usually takes a reboot. So my data connection is still working albeit sometimes it is flaky.
      Where do I go for help when the Mcafee web sites don't even work????
        • 1. RE: Multiple Mobile Vrus Scan Problems
          What happens when you surf, using your phone, to vsm.mcafee.com ?

          I don't personally have the type of phone that will take VirusScan Mobile but when I signed into my (Total Protection) account that was the instruction for downloading the application.

          Maybe it would help to uninstall it and reinstall it from your account? Other than that I would suggest speaking to Customer Service directly about your account as we can't deal with those things here.

          1-866-897-9325 press 4 then 0 between 8am and 8pm Central Time.

          If that doesn't solve the situation regarding updating then get back and I'll flag this for a technician if I can, or you can contact Technical Support Chat linked in my signature.

          By the way, I think that the current version is 2.x
          • 2. vsm.mobile.com
            When surfing to vsm.mobile.com from my phone I get a web page not found message. This is the same as when I try to go to mobile.mcafee.com.
            This program was installed on the phone before I brought it home. It came on the phone as part of the normal programs. People are having problems uninstalling it. It may even be built into the phone as a Motorola product. But I can't find any info on their site either.
            • 3. RE: vsm.mobile.com
              When I surf to http://vsm.mcafee.com/ it works just fine...I think that you substituted mobile for mcafee there.

              From the user guide....

              [LEFT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]To uninstall VirusScan Mobile:[/FONT][/LEFT]

              [FONT=UniversLTStd-Bold]1 [/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]From the Main menu, select [/FONT][FONT=ArialNarrow-Bold]Start | Settings[/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light].[/FONT]

              [LEFT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Bold]2 [/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]Select [/FONT][FONT=ArialNarrow-Bold]Remove Programs[/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light].[/FONT][/LEFT]

              [FONT=UniversLTStd-Bold]3 [/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]From the displayed list, select McAfee VirusScan Mobile, then click [/FONT][FONT=ArialNarrow-Bold]Menu | Remove[/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light].[/FONT]

              [FONT=UniversLTStd-Bold]4 [/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]You are prompted to verify that you want the program permanently removed. Click [/FONT][FONT=ArialNarrow-Bold]Yes [/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]to continue or [/FONT][FONT=ArialNarrow-Bold]No [/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]to cancel.[/FONT]

              [FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]If VirusScan Mobile uninstalls normally, no further action is required. However, under certain circumstances, the program may not uninstall normally. If this occurs, a screen displays informing you that you must restart the device. Click [/FONT][FONT=ArialNarrow-Bold]Yes [/FONT][FONT=UniversLTStd-Light]to restart your device.[/FONT]
              • 4. Uninstall
                When I downloaded the program it told me I had to uninstall the previous version first.
                Did so. It then told me not everything would uninstall and please shutdown. Shut down rebooted then it asked me to reboot. Crazy machine. Then when I went to install again it told me I had to uninstall the previous version.
                The previous version will not uninstall. It is still in the task manager but no where else on my phone. So now I have no way to remove it without a full system reset which will wipe out eveything I placed on there.
                Plus it won't let me install the new one. So either way I am stuck with a virus scan program that won't update itself which is worthless and no way to install a new one.
                Thanks a lot.
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                  Can't you delete the task from Task Manager? Try Technical Support Chat linked in my signature, meanwhile I'll flag this to see if anyone at McAfee who posts here knows what to do.
                  • 6. RE: Uninstall
                    You can kill the virus scan program but if you refresh the virus scan is running again.
                    • 7. RE: Uninstall
                      OK, sorry for not finding an instant solution. As I said, I have flagged this for attention, twice in fact.
                      Meanwhile you could open a ticket with Technical Support Chat.
                      • 8. RE: Uninstall
                        I just got a reply from one of the McAfee people here...


                        I pinged the VS Mobile team asking for help.
                        I had the same issue on my Q9H, I had to do a factory reset to get it completely off.
                        But that is not a good option as it wipes the device clean of all data and settings.

                        • 9. RE: Uninstall
                          Try this and see if this helps

                          Ensure that the Memory is set to phone and not to any storage cards

                          Go to File Manager>Program Files. Highlight the McAfee folder and
                          press Menu>Move To,
                          then selected a location that is easily accessible to move it to
                          After the move, kill the Virus scan process by selecting Kill from menu of the taksmanager under tools menu.
                          finally go to the location were the file was moved
                          deleted the McAfee folder
                          reboot the hand held

                          see if this helps
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