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    Wi-Fi Under Attack (False Flag)


      Yesterday, I updated the McAfee app on my phone (Galaxy S7 Edge) and everything was working fine until I got home. As my phone is connecting to Wi-Fi, I am greeted by this message " Wi-Fi under attack 2.4 Hacker intercepting traffic - KARMA"




      I turned off my Wi-FI and spoke with a McAfee customer representative. I asked if this was a false flag since I had just updated the app, but they stated that something similar happened a few months earlier and that glitch was fixed. He asked me to do basic troubleshooting, but that did not solve anything.


      I started to do a bit of research and came across different forums that suggested I change my router admin password along with the Wi-FI password. I restarted the phone after the changes, but still had the same problem. I decided to change the SSID on my router to remove the possibility of a MITM attack. I connected, but still no luck.


      At this point I was confident that it was a false flag, but was wondering what was causing it. I connected to a Hotspot through another phone and the message dissapeared. That Wi-Fi connection was secure (at least according to the app).


      I was almost out of ideas, until I remembered that my SSID's are hidden and that they have to be manually entered in. I log back in to the router GUI and change the SSID's to visible.


      WOOALA! My Wi-Fi was suddenly showing as secure.




      Maybe this issue only affects the Galaxy S7 Edge, I'm not sure, but if you do come across this message, don't panic. It could be just a false flag.