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    Can't completely uninstall VirusScan from Q9h

      I can't completely uninstall VirusScan from my Motorola Q9h (Global) smartphone. What I mean by this is I uninstalled it the usual way, but I am still periodically being asked "Do you want to update Virusscan?" and "Do you want to start scanning?", so apparently it's still installed somewhere even though I can't see it from the remove programs list. How do I get rid of these messages?

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          It's a long weekend so I doubt that anyone "in the know" will be looking in here for a while. You might want to take advantage of the free 24/7 Technical Support Chat, top left of this page or linked in my signature.
          Disable all pop-up blockers or it wont work.

          If they can't help please post back and I'll flag the issue for further attention.
          • 2. Removing VirusScan Mobile from my Moto Q9h!!!
            I have a Moto Q 9h Global and wanted to remove the VirusScan Mobile, too. After looking a various posts on ATT & McAfee, I remove mine successfully.

            First, I opened the VirusScan Mobile and stopped both the Real-time & Message Scans services by unchecking the boxes under Scan Options.

            Then I when the Settings\Remove Programs, and selected the McAfee VirusScan Mobile and selected the Remove option under Menu.

            I restarted my phone and checked under Tasks...the VirusScan was not listed!

            I even checked the registry under HKLM/Software/McAfee, but no McAfee folder existed!
            The only thing remaining was a unassociated shortcut on my main screen, but that was eliminated by opening up several programs under it pushing it off of my menu! grin
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              Thanks for posting but this is a rather old thread. I've posted a sticky on removing VSM at the top of this forum: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=222256