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    Applying different policy to one group


      Hey all,

      Having a hard time with this, so can anyone assist? We have McAfee EPO set up and we are using Drive Encryption 7.1.3 and Agent 5.x

      Under System Tree, I have my "OUs" or folders and they are working great picking up my custom policy. But I created a new folder, and I want it to pick up a different policy. I cannot get the thing working. Here is what I did:

      1. Created new policy under Policy Catalog.
      2. Created new folder (ou) under System Tree
      3. Highlighted the new folder and clicked "Assigned policies"
      4. clicked Edit assignment beside the product settings
      5. Chooose "Break inheritance" and picked my new one from the drop down
      6. Added a new machine to this new folder

      The machine is not encrypting. When I go into the machine, and click "Directory Mgmt" > "View Assigned policies" > I dont see the Drive Encryption modules like I do on my other machines in the other folder.

      what step am i missing to get this system, and any system under this folder, to pick up my secondary Product Settings Policy?