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    HP6910p - Error Code: 0xe0060001 on boot

      Error Code: 0xe0060001 - Unsupported Encryption Algorithm on a HP 6910p laptop that was successfully encrypted and running smoothly up until this morning. We are running Safeboot v5.1.6. The error message is displayed straight after the machine is booted up.

      It is possible to access the data on the disk using our WinTech Recovery Disk which uses the SAME algorithm [obviously], but does anyone have any ideas on why this error suddenly occurred? Has anyone else seen the same thing on any other models of laptop?

      UPDATE: After attempting to decrypt and remove Safeboot using WinTech, the following error occured:

      Exception E0050001 occurred while trying to decrypt.

      This error according to McAfee is: e0050001 SafeBoot Client not activated.

      Any ideas on what could be going on here?