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    Re: why scans run slow?


      My Total Protection scan is terrible slow when my computer (Win10, 8MB RAM) is in sleep mode.  I started a full scan last night but it was only 18% complete when I went to bed.  This morning I found it was only at 30%.  I don't have many files (~100MB of data) so cannot determine why scan is so slow.  I don't have any option to use more computer resources when it is scanning.  What can I do to speed up this turtle scan?  The Total Protection was purchased Dec 2016.

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            Unsure but scanning when in sleep mode might be the cause. Does scanning when PC up and running work.


            Oh Also go to settings and disable wait till idle option before starting a scan

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              Thanks for the suggestion, I turned off 'wait' option.  However, I would think the scan function would work best when the other resources are not being used (i.e., while in sleep mode).  I ran a full scan again and it is awfully slow, albeit a bit faster, even with 'wait' disabled.  I recommend there be an upgrade that allows for a faster scan (both when the computer is in use and when asleep).

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                What version of McAfee is installed? Scanning 16.0.3 is fairly fast after 1st scan. Asking about sleep mode

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                  Run MVT

                  Try downloading and running the virtual technician


                  Was this last scan in sleep or not?

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                    PC asleep scanning will not work so the techs say. Can do a scan and ask to shut down when done.


                    PC desktop or laptop? laptops have battery use settings maybe machine throttled. grabbing at straws.


                    What is the PC ram and cpu?

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                      I am running version of 16.0.3 (latest build).  I've had Total Protection operating since Dec 2016 so have been through many slow scans.  I don't believe it got any faster after 1st scan.


                      I have used MVT today.  It indicates nothing is wrong.  My last scan (before I cancelled it due to slowness) was an hour ago while I was using the computer.


                      The 'sleep' terminology might be incorrect.  I was running the night scan while the computer was inactive (i.e., no one using it) while I slept.  The tech should realize the scanning was going on while I slept (i.e., went from about 18% complete to about 30%).  Not sure why they say it doesn't work while asleep unless their definition of 'sleep' / 'inactive' is something else.


                      PC is a desktop running Windows 10, 8MB RAM, i5 processor.


                      Thanks again for your comments, I'm trying to determine what to do at renewal time in December.

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                        Tech and I took you at your word re you scanned while PC was a sleep mode. PC can hibernate or go into sleep mode that is where we got confused as in that mode nothing can run. Ok we now know what you mean so some more questions .

                        1. total number of files scanned in full scan.

                        2. Total Gb of files on all drives.

                        3. Time for full scan

                        4. Time for quick scan

                        Trying to get a feel of what is happening here