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    ePO 5.9.0 Certificate Manager Duplicate Cl



      I recently upgraded from ePO 5.3 to 5.9.0 - we had some issues with SQL server versions but got around that, so the product is running on a standalone server for about 530 devices.

      However, when I went to log on to the web interface after the upgrade through Chrome, there was an error regarding certificates

      I followed the KB87017 to Migrate Certificates on Friday.

      I came in on Monday AM and see below in the Certficate Manager

      Product: Agent Handler
      Key size: 2048
      Hash Algorithm: SHA1withRSA
      Expiration: Thu Jan 07 10:40:12 GMT 2044
      Description: Agent handler certificates are used for secure communication between McAfee Agent and ePO server.
      Status: 48% of your endpoints use certificates derived from this root certificate

      We  now have duplicate entries in our ePO - there are two entries for each client, one managed, the other unmanaged. 

      In our AD Sync folder we are seeing duplicates of each server unmanaged. I have verified AD Sync is working correctly.

      How do we proceed here?