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    DLP does not block the files



      we have a problem with dlp 11

      it is a new installation, ePO 5.3, Agent 5, DLP 11

      we set up device control and it works perfectly

      the problem is the DLP, it does not block the files

      example: we create a rule that blocks all files that contains the word classified but the rule does not work

      Why ?

      Thank you for your help

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          There are many answers to that question the most likely are:


          1/ The rule is misconfigured - please describe how you have set the rule up.


          2/ You are testing with a short document that just contains the word 'classified' once or repeated. You need to have a page of non repeating text plus the keyword to trigger the rule. hint: in Word enter =RAND(20) then [return] to produce sample text.


          finally you can use the DLP Diagnostic Tool (from the Product Downloads area) to check the document against the policy/rules. Look under the 'Tools' tab.





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            thank you for your response

            1 - the rule set up :

                                in dlp policy manger --> action-->new rule set --> in rule set do action --> new rule --> clipboard protection


            Clipboard Protection
            Rule Name:
            State: Severity:
            Enforce On:










            Classified (English)

            Confidential (English)

            TEST CLASS

            Remove CriteriaAdd Criteria
            and End-User


            Remove CriteriaAdd Criteria
            and Source application


            and Destination application



            Below the screenshot for DLP Diagnostic tools





            01.png i

            thank you

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              the problem is resolved


              by default DLP Content protection is disabled in policy Default Windows Client Configuration policy --> operation mode and modules

              we must choose    Device Control and full content protection   to  enable Device Content Protection and Device Control


              thank you for your collaboration