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      My laptop is Toshiba, it working nomarlly before, but today that show a black screen show "Intel anti-theft system lock due to platform attack detected",I don't know what attack for my laptop, and I didn't set any password and didn't installed  the Intel Anti-theft, And nobody have touch my laptop, what should i do can't unlock the laptop?

      If need the proof of purchase, who should I provide it. Thanks!

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          Nothing we can do, sorry.  The product reached end-of-life/end-of-support almost 3 years ago.

          Your only recourse is the original owner of the machine, or the maker of it.

          See Re: blocked by intel Anti Theft

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              Hi shammam


              Support to Anti-theft Service ended 2 years back.


              If your device is locked you may be able to retrieve your unlock password through the Anti-Theft web portal through the expired subscriptions link on the subscription page of My Account. Support does not have access to your password.The ability to unlock your device remains unchanged; you will need to enter your 8 character unlock password. If you are unable to remember or recover your unlock password, the Anti-Theft service will follow its design and lock the device. At this point, your only option would be to contact your computer’s manufacturer to request service - in most cases this means replacing the motherboard.