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    Expired app certificate



      I wish to migrate my passwords from LastPass to TrueKey. I was instructed to download an app and use that. However the app has an expired certificate.

      Any chance you could sign the app again? I contacted your support but I am sorry to say that they are truly useless.

      However I also came across an information that your are stopping support for platform based apps and going only with browser plugins. Will there be a different way to migrate passwords?


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          This app is really old and shouldn't be used anymore.


          You should be able to import passwords from LastPass from within True Key's Import screen (which is under in settings).



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            This does not work. When I click on LastPass in the import screen, I get redirected to the download page of the app. When I click on the DashLan it gives me option to import CSV file, however the file from LastPass does not work here. If I click on import from Firefox again I get redirected to app download.

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              Can you please confirm that you are using the True Key extension first model (meaning that the True Key launchpad where all the passwords are stored is opening on a browser tab)? If this is the case, you would probably require a binary installation to do the import and that is why you are being redirected to the downloads page. Please confirm what type of TK you are running and provide me with a screenshot of where you are being redirected.


              Marc D.

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                Yes, I am using a chrome extension with version 2.8.5711. Yes, the launchpad opens in a new tab. Is there any other extension for chrome? Your website redirects to this as the main option. And your colleague said that the app is no longer supported.


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                  Hi there,

                  Can you please let me know what they said to you was no longer supported?

                  True Key is perfectly supported and as I said to you earlier, the package you are required to download is to be able to import from another password manager, that is the binary install I mentioned previously.

                  Let me know if you have any other questions.

                  Marc D.

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                    The fact that once I attempt to open the file in the package - the binary install, I get the certificate expired error as mentioned in my first post. The application is signed with a no longer valid certificate, which makes it unsafe for use. That is why I asked if you can sign the app with a new certificate and re-upload it. And the answer was

                    This app is really old and shouldn't be used anymore. dougk_t3


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                      This is definitely an issue. After being redirected to https://www.truekey.com/downloading / https://www.truekey.com/installer, the "True Key Setup.dmg" is downloaded on to my Mac. This is a file actively being served by the True Key website after installing the extension.


                      Upon opening the file, the same error is displayed:


                      Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 17.35.03.png


                      What dougk_t3 is saying *may* be correct, but why is the website asking us to download and install this package then? If it's an old package then why not remove it or at least update it? Visit one of the URLs above and see for yourself.