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    Can not reinstall Edge Extension


      My TrueKey edge extension stated it is corrupt (I just upgraded my Mobo). So I removed it and tried to reinstall. I keep getting an error:


      "This app encountered a problem. Please reinstall to repair"


      However I just keep getting the same message. I've cleared all cache.


      So I used powershell to find it:


      Get-AppxPackage *True*


      which returned: 5A894077.TrueKey


      To which I deleted: Get-AppxPackage 5A894077.TrueKey | Remove-AppxPackage


      That gave me a fresh "Install" button in the store instead of "Reinstall".


      However the fresh install came right back with "The app encountered a problem. Please reinstall to repair"


      I seem to be stuck

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          Hi trueme


          Please perform the below steps and let us know the status.

          1. Logout from windows store

          2. Clear cookies in edge

          3. Reboot the computer

          4. Login back to windows store

          5. Try re-install

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            Thanks for the reply - unfortunately that didn't work. However, I did fix it and will list the steps in case someone else has the issue.


            1. Clear the Edge browser cache and close the browser
            2. Open a command prompt
            3. type powershell [enter]
            4. Type Get-AppxPackage *True* [enter]
            5. Find the line Name: somenumber.TrueKey (probably 5A894077.TrueKey)
            6. Using that name run the following command: Get-AppxPackage 5A894077.TrueKey | Remove-AppxPackage [enter]
            7. This will delete the TrueApp package and should note such
            8. type exit [enter]
            9. type wsreset.exe [enter]


            wsreset will take a little time to run and then will open the Windows Store when finished. At that point you should be able to successfully install TrueKey.


            (after install you may have to close Edge and reopen to complete the install if you see the TK spinner just spinning for a long time)