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    Chrome extension installed, try to sign in, TrueKey sends email, verify, but then nothing.



      I used to be a very  happy PasswordBox customer. I was told TrueKey was taking over and was pinted in the direction of the TrueKey Chrome extension.

      Extension installed but now every time I click on it I'm taken to a webpage where I try to sign in.

      I ask for email verification as I'm on a laptop so swiping is pointless.

      I receive the email to 'confirm access' and am taken back to the same sign in page.

      And so the process starts all over again.


      I simply cannot sign in to my TrueKey profile.


      First impression: absolute rubbish. Sorry!


      - How do I access my passwords? It's a small request, but fundamental part of TrueKey. How come I cannot sign in?

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