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    W32.Silon Protection/Detection?

      W32.Silon is new malware variant which can intercept a user's
      Internet Explorer session, and steal their credentials. It has been
      associated with multiple fraud incidents at large banks.

      Anyone seen this covered in the DAT's or on McAfee's Site?

      http://www.darkreading.com/security/attacks/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=22090078 1
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          I find it interesting that so far, the ONLY company that's dectected the W32.Silon problem is Trusteer and OF COURSE, coincidentally, they sell a product which prevents this very "man in the middle" type of attack.. And they posted the information only a few hours ago... Hmmm

          You found the information quick.. But generally these types of "Man in the browser" attacks first require a trojan to be installed on the computer after which the problem can occur.. Prevent the trojan from infecting the computer first, with an antivirus/antispyware program and you should be out of danger. The bottom line is this - no matter what you see going on during your session, if you see something "different" or unexpected happening during your online banking session, close your browser immediately, and call your bank or online broker.

          Hope this helps.

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            The cynic in me agrees with you. But they did have an outside testing firm (Virustotal) conduct a quick study to see which anti-virus product detects this malware and McAfee seems to be able to (with a somewhat older DAT):

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              Yep, These types of attacks aren't all that new.. There are a number of protection tools available on the market, including Rapport from Trusteer, and most prevent the addition of strange add-ons and such during secure site access.. It will be interesting to see how this issue progresses.

              Take care.

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                Yeah it will...