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    EPO 4.5 - New Install Unable to talk to workstations

      Have an EPO 4.5 server and it you can create a group and it will recognise the machine in there, but you cannot ping or deploy the agent.

      We have many firewalls on the network and group policy firewall settings for the workstations.

      Anyone have any ideas on where to start with this.

      Have tried opening up ports 9080, 8081, 8082, 8443, 8444 on the clients to allow incoming from the epo server.

      If you try to install the agent it just says failed.
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          The agent push install from the ePO Server uses Microsoft networking, typically port 445. It copies over the framepkg file to the admin$ share on the target system.


          So, if the admin$ share isn't available for whatever reason you cannot push out the agent.


          So, first browse to \\machine name\admin$ - if not available first disable any system firewall to check this isn't the cause, then check account rights used to log on to the share, then name resolution...