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    No source site configured




      I have just installed EPO 5.9 for a customer in a new enviroment.


      I thought I had read through all the relevant documentation but I have either missed something or there are some assumptions in the docs.


      What i cannot get is any DAT files or product update (AV scanner) to show in software manager.


      Our customer does not have a proxt server as such and the server does not have internet access at the moment.


      Does the EPO install just assume you would have internat access by defaukt as there was nothing in the setup?


      For th netwotk team they are asking for thr following to allow the EPO server access to the McAfee source site:


      'Do you know which ports and protocols it’s trying to update across? It’s very unlikely that XXXX will allow us to create a firewall rule to permit this host to any port, anydestination as this would go against their security policy.'


      So i am guessing they need a web address and port?





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          Moe Hassan

          tobypage, Welcome to McAfee community.


          port 80 for update.nai.com/Products/CommonUpdater

          port 21 for ftp.nai.com/CommonUpdater


          these are already default and already defined in Server Settings \ Source Sites

          you will also find Proxy Settings under Server Settings.


          ePO will need access to these either directly or via proxy. the other way you can check in DAT or products is by downloading them using your grant numbers on a different system, going to "Master Repository" and checking them in.

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            I have already put a request into the network team to allow the following access (we have no proxy):


            Default port


            Traffic direction



            Outbound from the ePO server
              to ftp://ftp.nai.com



            Outbound from the ePO server
              to http://update.nai.com