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    Error on start up "1 unhandled error occurred..."

      Hi, I'd really appreciate some help on this. I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum since I'm not sure which is the problem program (maybe Enterprise, maybe Firewall?) and there doesn't seem to be a sub-forum for asking general questions.

      Every time my computer starts up, I get the message:

      "1 unhandled error occurred while the Network Associates error reporting service was not running, process these now?"

      After Googling the error, it seems this is associated with McAfee? I don't remember how long ago it was that I used McAfee, but it was for a short time, and I'm obviously still using it in some way.

      I found a folder called "Network Associates" in Programs, so I deleted that, and when I went into the Windows uninstall utility, McAfee Desktop Firewall 8.5 was listed, and when I uninstalled, it said that I had already uninstalled, and so it removed itself from the list. From reading a suggestion from another board that addressed the same error message, I took a look at my list of start up programs, and McAfeeFireTray and McAfeeUpdaterUI were listed and checked. I unchecked the two, but I still get the error upon start up, and I'm not sure how to clear McAfee from my computer completely. I ran the MCPR and it reaches 100% but then a message pops up saying:

      "McAfee Enterprise software detected.
      Cannot continue. Please contact McAfee Technical Support."

      I understand that MCPR is incompatible with Enterprise, so how do I get rid of Enterprise?

      I've run a search of my computer but there's nothing.
      How do I find out which version I have installed?

      I'm not sure if this error has any connection with the one I get when I start up my computer, but if not, then I'll be fine with it. It's the "1 unhandled error occurred" error that is getting to be a nuisance.

      I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit with 2Gb RAM, NTFS file system.