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    end point security update


      hello Dear friends


      I have endpoint security  in my systems but I have an update problem, I define  a client tasks in my system tree to update my systems dat every two hours but it can not get update.

      please see my task definition below and help me how can I solve my problem.




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          So your trying to update the virus definition (AMCore stuff) files on ENS systems, right?  I'd check to see if the tasks are getting to the client.  I'd pop open the McAfee Agent Monitor on a system, the time to run at like 1 minute beforehand, and send the wakeup call just to see if the task is making it down.  Also, the update task itself, I'd check to make sure 'Amcore Content Package' is selected.  I always have that and 'DAT' selected to make sure I got them covered.