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    Literally the worst program


      I have not downloaded McAfee voluntarily. It was bloatware that came with something else, I even unchecked the box to say I did not want the software. Now it is preventing me from opening files and doing work.


      The obvious solution is to uninstall but every time I do the uninstaller won't load. So now this terrible company has hijacked my PC without my permission. I am unable to open PowerPoint or Word and get on with urgent jobs I need to do.


      I don't wan't to sound whiny but how sodding dare you. Get your awful bloated carcass away from my computer.

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          You are entitled to your opinion I suppose but I disagree that it's bloatware.   It's comprehensive protection.   I assume it was offered by your ISP or your computer maker?   Please clarify that "something else" you mentioned plus the full name of the McAfee product.   If it's built into something else we need to know what in order to better help you.

          If you have a listing in Programs and Features for McAfee Security Scan Plus please simply uninstall it using that module.

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            Sorry to hear your experience but there seems to be something wrong on your system


            Please do this - download Revo uninstaller and launch it in advanced mode

            It will search for all programs on your system and then uninstall the mcafee product tat will solve hte issue


            BTW Im a hardcore Mcafee fan and I have been using it now for past 15 years and is pretty good

            I use it on my home system too.


            This could be a case of registry getting damaged in some way