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    DLP 3 Tips and Tools?

      :confused::confused:Does anyone have any for troubleshooting problems on a client. i.e. Policies not enforced.
      I know in dlp 2.2 there was the DLPTools.msi so that you could look at OPG files, but this doesnt seem to work on DLP 3 policies.
      Apart from checking the time stamp on the OPG file, and checking the DLP monitor to see that the policy got applied I havent been able to find any logs/interpret policy files at all.
      Agent events only happen when something gets blocked, so they are no good when something deosnt get blocked that should do !
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          DLP 3.0 policies are totally differnet from dlp 2.2. Now all the policies sit in the ePO DB and you can verfiy your policies from the dlp manager itself ..

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            Well, you have allways been able to see policies on the server.
            The polices are also stored on the client in the .opg file, if you are trying to troubleshoot problems related to policies, you used to be able to use DLPTools.msi to look at a clients policies to make sure they are as expected, and they have transfered across. Checking policies on the server is only one part of troubleshooting the problem...

            unless you know of a way to check what policy a client actually has from the server? And I dont meen what it is expected to have... i.e what the policy manger says