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    Database/Licensing Issue


      When I attempt to remove the temporary license from my database, I receive the following error message, "Object restore attempted on an object that has been removed". The error code is 0xdb010013. The issue is preventing me from running the
      object directory backup tool as I receive a license expired error.
      Any ideas.

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          the license in the dB has nothing to do with the one the backup tool uses - it's a different license file. When you got your proper license there would have been instructions with it to rename the file as sfdbback.slc and put it in the same directory as your backup tool? Not doing that is the no1 cause of backup tool license expired issues.
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            Many thanks for your response, very helpful. Any ideas on why I can't remove the 30 day EVAL license, and why I am getting the weird error when I try to do so.


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              Perhaps it's already removed but something went wrong while trying to write it as such..

              What you can do is browse towards your SBDATA folder (databasefolder) and enter the 00000007 directory.
              There, enter the 000000 directory again, and you should see a number of directories, or atleast one (named 00000001 then..)
              Rename this one to 00000001.WPE for a second, and go to license info again, to see if it's still there..
              If not (should be empty), you can import your permanent license.
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                Thanks Eelco.SafeBoot

                That's done the trick. EVAL license gone, problem solved.