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    Problem after upgrading to DLP 3.0

      Hi, I have upgraded DLP to V3.0 (from 2.2) over the last few days. All appeard well however on the initial installation wizard it asked me to specify the "Policy Manager WCF Service Path" which is currently set to - http ://localhost:8731/DLPWCF/ManagementConsoleWCFService

      I have modified this to http ://
      ( is the IP Address of our EPO server).

      However when I test the connection it reports the following error "Failed connection to http ://" - "Exception information: could not connect to http :// Error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine activly refused it"

      I have this logged with McAfee but they are unsure at the moment and and looking into it.

      If it is relevant I am running EPO 4.5 which was upgraded yesterday.

      Any help very much appreciated.



      I have deliberately put a space between the http and : so that the forum does not automatically pick it up as a url and shorten the text.