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    Browser Extension Shows No Passwords But Desktop App Does


      First, I'm a fan of the Desktop App and prefer it to the browser extension. I'm not looking forward to the Desktop App being Phased out, especially with the current issue I'm experiencing below.


      When using the Desktop App, I can correctly see my 60+ passwords within the app. However, if I close the desktop app down completely (or never opened it up in the first place), and then proceed to use the Chrome Browser extension, none of my passwords are available. The screenshot below clearly shows "Search my 0 logins". Its worth noting that my Safe Notes and Wallet do both work as usual.


      I've tried installing the plugin (which is an annoying process in itself as it logs me out of everything after the extension is installed), I've also tried logging out of both Browser Extension and Desktop. I've also tried the Firefox Extension but I get the same issue - no passwords.


      What's going on?