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    McAfee Removal, Tried tool in Windows 10


      Hello, I have a Dell running Windows 10 that came with McAfee preinstalled. I attempted to uninstall via Control Panel and it removed the main program but:


      -There is still an icon on the apps list on the left of the Start Menu (clicking on it results in a status bar that never moves, and selecting it for "uninstall" does nothing)


      -I tried using the latest removal tool, nothing changed


      -I tried programs such as CCCleaner for anything left in the registry


      -I cleared out the directories I could find in the "infused apps"


      -I removed anything labeled "McAfee" in the Registry


      -At each step it's still there


      Get-AppxPackage does list an app 5A894077.McAfeeSecurity_1.1.7.0_x64_wafk5atnkzcwy

      At attempt via PowerShell in Admin to remove it results in an error which is listed as "Invalid Arguments" on the Windows help site.


      I'm uninterested in McAfee at this time and do not want it on my new laptop (Dell didn't give an option). I mostly just want the icon gone and care less about a residual file somewhere out there.


      Thank you