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    New ePO 5.9 deployment with MOVE 4.6 AV Client


      Hello all


      I'm having a few issues with ePO - SVM - agent communication


      What's working 

      EPO Server 5.9


      Test target Windows server 2012

      System tree > Host > Products


      MOVE antivirus common 4.6

      MOVE Antivirus

      All compliant


      I have followed the MOVE AV 4.6 guide to get this far and have deployed a SVM (through vSphere client), deployment via EPO doesn't seem to work (MOVE Antivirus Deployment - Automation) only option was DHCP in IP Pool I needed static. The SVM is now set up with static configuration via vSphere manually after creating the ovf package and filling in the template details.

      EPO appears to be in communication with the SVM (this is only basic ping tests)


      For the windows host in ePO I cannot deploy the client (multiplatform) all are on the same management subnet so no firewall issues.

      A window with title "Error" Failed to load SVM Manager assignment policy. Clicking on OK the client deployment configuration highlights in red that no SVM Manager is available,

      This policy I believe has been assigned to the host.


      I'm at a loss where I might have gone wrong? I'm fairly new to ePO and MOVE.