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    Manually upgrade a receiver?


      HI all.


      I am trying to find out if there is a way to manually update receiver that is not compatible with the current version of our SIEM. We are currently running 10.1, but I have discovered we have a few receivers running 9.4.2. Is it possible to SSH into this receivers and install 9.6? If so are there any instructions around? I've searched the forum and the KB but did not come up with anything.


      Thanks in adavnce


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          Hello Cain,


          You can do it manually from the ssh session, here is the KB that actually gives you the steps when you have problems doing the upgrade from the GUI.




          You can manually copy the file by first loading it into the ESM via the file maintenance utility.

          1. Open the ESM Properties and click File Maintenance, Update files.
          2. Select Upload and select the upgrade file you downloaded from the McAfee Downloads site.
          3. SSH to the ESM and cd to /usr/local/ess/SoftwareUpdates.
          4. Run the following command where filename is the name of the update file and x.x.x.x is the IP of the appliance to be upgraded. This will copy the upgrade file over the network and place it in the correct directory:

            scp filename root@x.x.x.x:/usr/local/NitroGuard
          5. When the file has been copied, reboot the appliance to begin the upgrade.


          As you can see, basicly you need to put the upgrade file on the /usr/local/NitroGuard folder, after that just reboot the appliance and the upgrade will start.


          PS: Remember you have to update to 9.6.x first in order to go to the 10.x version, also make sure to use the correct upgrade file.


          Best regards,


          Francisco Soto

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            Thank you Francisco, exactly what I needed