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    Upgrading ePO components


      Hi all,

      I am still finding my way round McAfee ePO and have a few questions around upgrading the various components of ePO. I'm sure this is probably fairly straightforward but I'm struggling to find the answers.

      I have several updates available for the McAfee Agent, Endpoint Security, VirusScan etc in the Software Manager. How do I go about updating the components and installing them on clients?

      I believe I need to click the 'check in' button against each component then click 'update'. Is that correct? Is there a specific order that I need to be aware of? Will this then deploy the updated software to clients or do I need to carry out additional steps to achieve this?


      For example, our McAfee agent is version and the latest available version is (but I can also see Can I go straight to the latest version?



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          Moe Hassan

          k.howard, welcome to McAfee community.


          step 1: yes, in the software manager you have to "check-in/update" software packages as needed. You will notice that there is something called "brances" (namely - current, previous and evaluation). This allows you to have 3 different versions of same software. it simply provides you options and flexibility in case some of your client systems can't be upgraded or you are evaluating. You can also move packages between branches. simply updating/checking-in software will NOT get pushed to client systems. you must take action to install them on client systems (assuming global updating setting is disabled in server settings, it should be)


          step 2: after updating/checking-in your software (agent, vse, hips etc) what you want to do is create "client tasks". It's located in ePO menu | Policy | Client Task Catalog | McAfee Agent. There are two different type of agent tasks you can configure. deployment and update. former is for installing and latter is strictly for upgrading an existing version / content update. Click on the "NEW TASK" button and define it. You can automate these tasks and run on a schedule or simply run manually. so yes, you can check in the latest version of a product in "current" or "evaluation" branch. ePO will ask you whether you want to move existing to "previous".


          Hope this helps. If not, please let me know.

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            Thank you Moe, that's really helpful.

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              @ Moe Hassan

              I have created a new client task and selected update. I assigned this but it doesn't appear to be working. I have it assigned to systems with a specific tag (UPD-TST). I have tagged a system with the UPD-TST tag but it will not update. If I send/receive props from the client agent I can see the task go through but the software doesn't get updated.

              I am sure I have just missed something obvious here but do you have any suggestions as to why my update isn't being deployed?

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                Moe Hassan

                k.howard Hi, First you want to make sure you have your tasks defined correctly. Meaning right product and action "install" is selected. This is just the task definition and won't get pushed to systems. You then need to either automate or send it manually. THat's done by tag or system tree assigned tasks.


                Deployment task definition:

                Agent update task definition:

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                  Hi Moe,


                  I created a client task as you mentioned in your previous response. So under Policy I went to Client Task Catalog and under McAfee Agent I clicked New Task. I selected Product Update and clicked OK. I gave it a name (September 2017 Product Update) and then selected all packages (because I have several updates to deploy). Then I clicked save.

                  I then clicked assign and selected 'My Organization'. The product is McAfee Agent, the Task Type is Product Update and the task name is the task I created earlier: September 2017 Product Update.

                  The 'lock task inheritance' setting is 'unlocked' and then I selected 'send this task to only computers which have the following criteria' and selected the tag UPD-TST. I clicked next and scheduled it to run every day at midday and then saved it.


                  Is this incorrect?


                  The McAfee Agent on my test PC with the UPD-TST tag is running version 5.0.4 and the checked in version is 5.0.6. Whilst the test PC sees the task when I click the send/receive props option, it doesn't update the agent.