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    EPO report for VSE compliance


      I already run a number of reports off the queries I have in EPO, these have been tailored to my environment and report on all groups, however I've now been asked to provide a 30-day compliance report to simply show that a group (and subgroup) of 15 systems has been complaint with DAT updates for that month.


      Is it possible to run such a report filtered to just a single group (and subgroup)?

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          I think that you are looking for the below information.


          Please select the result type : Managed System -- > then under chart, DAT version ( VSE , Please mind ,if you are using ENS then it will be changed to AMCore ) and then under filter you can specify the group information.



          Please let me know if your query is resolved with your satisfaction.




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            Ye I have this already which gives me a point in time report of compliance, but I ideally wanted an end of month report that showed compliance throughout the month.


            I've been given a customisation to try and will report back if that works.