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    ePO Replacement


      I had a ePO with Agent 4.8 and VSE 8.8 P7 deployed on several clients. Now the ePO is crashed and non recoverable. I have rebuilt new ePO with agent 5.4 and VSE 8.8 P9.


      Now can I redeploy the latest ePO agent and VSE on the same ePO clients without uninstalling them from client machines? What is the easiest way to redeploy the ePO and VSE on the clients?

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          Yes you can.


          Since the previous ePO agent will never communicate with the new ePO server, hence you need to deploy the agent, Once the agent get deploy it will share the existing product details to ePO server. Please  note that the point product is only dependent on mcafee agent. once all the agent will start reporting to new ePO server with MA 5.0.4 and VSE 8.8 P7 then please run a upgrade task ( not deployment )  to get the VSE upgrade to P9.