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    McAfee ePO database schema tables...


      Hi all,


      Can anyone assist me with database tables? What we are trying to do is automate some reporting for a baseline we do against SCCM / AD and they are all pulling the data from their databases however we are not sure where to pull this informations from in the ePO database.


      This is simply for ...


      1. total amount of devices managed by ePO
      2. compliance of devices managed in ePO


      The goal is to compare coverage and compliance against the other technologies to ensure we are aligned with the managed count.



      Thanks in advance...



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          Moe Hassan

          DarrenFord, is there a specific need to obtain it directly from database? I'm asking because ePO interface offers very nice queries/reporting capability. Once you've tuned your desired query, you can save it as a dashboard, run it on a schedule and have it emailed to you.

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            Back in the (dark) days of early ePO (ver 2, 3, etc), I used to use a SQL VIEW to make some data available outside the dB (typically via Excel) for xRef or other such report functions.

            While this view doesn't give you the exact info you'r looking for, it can be used as a basis for calculations.

            It will give you multiple records, per system, but that's basically a result of one record per system, per software package. I typically would just filter this on the McAfee Agent.....


            Here is my view - it includes the Custom 1, 2, 3 and 4 fields, as we use an applet (sysinfo2000) to populate those fields with useful information (sadly not working any more under M/A 5.x).


            SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.EPOComputerProperties.DomainName AS [Domain Name], dbo.EPOLeafNode.NodeName AS [PC Name],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.UserName AS [User ID], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.Description AS [Computer Description],

                                  dbo.EPOLeafNode.LastUpdate AS [Last System ASCI UTC], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.IsPortable AS [Laptop?], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.OSBitMode AS [64 Bit?],

                                  dbo.EPOLeafNode.Tags AS [Assigned Tags], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.IPAddress AS [TCP/IP Address], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.NetAddress AS [MAC Address],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.OSOEMID AS [OS OEM ID], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.OSType AS [O/S Type],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.OSPlatform AS [O/S Platform], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.OSVersion AS [O/S Version],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.OSServicePackVer AS [O/S Service Pack], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.TimeZone AS [Time Zone Setting],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.CPUType AS [CPU Type], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.NumOfCPU AS [# of CPU's'],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.CPUSpeed AS [CPU Speed], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.SysvolTotalSpace AS [System Volume Total DASD],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.SysvolFreeSpace AS [System Volume Free DASD], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.TotalDiskSpace AS [Total DASD],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.FreeDiskSpace AS [Free DASD], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.TotalPhysicalMemory AS [Total RAM],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.FreeMemory AS [Free RAM], dbo.EPOProductProperties.ProductCode AS [McAfee Product Code],

                                  dbo.EPOProductProperties.ProductVersion AS [McAfee Product Version], dbo.EPOProductProperties.Hotfix AS [McAfee Product Hot Fix],

                                  dbo.EPOProductProperties.EngineVer AS [Scan Engine Version], dbo.EPOProductProperties.DATVer AS [DAT Version],

                                  dbo.EPOProductProperties.DATDate AS [DAT Date], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.UserProperty1 AS [Last Boot],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.UserProperty2 AS [Local Administrators], dbo.EPOComputerProperties.UserProperty3 AS [Manufacture / Serial Number info],

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties.UserProperty4 AS [Information Last Updated]

            FROM         dbo.EPOProductProperties INNER JOIN

                                  dbo.EPOComputerProperties ON dbo.EPOProductProperties.ParentID = dbo.EPOComputerProperties.ParentID INNER JOIN

                                  dbo.EPOLeafNode ON dbo.EPOProductProperties.ParentID = dbo.EPOLeafNode.AutoID AND dbo.EPOComputerProperties.ParentID = dbo.EPOLeafNode.AutoID

            ORDER BY [PC Name], [McAfee Product Code]

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              Thanks gents let me dig into this, the reason i want to do it straight form the database as this helps automate everything directly from the DB instead of the report generating method.