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    MWG NTLM authentication Failed in HTTPS


      Hi Guy,


      i facing a weird issue on authentication with NTLM with WCCP deployment mode.


      user launch browser and enter a https://mail.google.com or https://www.hotmail.com . this type of SSL traffic will not direct to MWG for authentication. and it will fail to load.


      if user launch browser and goto other website 1st, such as www.google.com or www.msn.com. and it will redirect it to authentication (capture in trace file). after that. user can access https://mail.google.com or https://www.hotmail.com.


      i notice below default authentication rule.

      command.name does not equal "CONNECT" which HTTPS is using CONNECT as command name?


      anyway for workaround on this. because my user using an internal app which they click on the icon, it will direct them to https://mail.google.com straight away.


      thank you.