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    Transferring Internet Security Subscription


      Apologies if this has been asked before but have searched and can't find suitable answer.


      I have a 3 user/device Internet Security subscription which expires the end of this month. The renewal cost is showing as approx £44 and whereas previously I have just renewed it, looking around there are some good deals on 3 user/device Internet Security e.g.Currys for £16.99 down from £39.99 (which even at their full price is better than my renewal!).


      If I purchase a new Internet Security subscription will I need to uninstall the version I have on three PCs and download/install from the new subscription, bearing in mind all I am effectively trying to do is transfer each PC subscription from the old to the new (s/w should be no different)? Or will activating the subscription simply extend my current subscription once it expires?


      As an aside, the subscription web page shows the subscription is 'via Sky', my ISP, from whom I originally took up Mcafee a good few years ago. Will this have any bearing on what I need to do e.g. would it be seen as a different subscription type?