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    Icon is Missing from User's Desktop


      Hi McAfee Community,


      I found some problem when my ePO update repository and deploy HIPS security content to user's laptop.

      (No report until 15 Aug 2017 While Security Content release on 14 Aug 2017)


      Some of user, their icon is missing from desktop but taskbar still exist and user's can access file from C:\Users\<username>\Desktop .


      I'm not sure why but if I disabled Host IPS and restart explorer.exe, the icon showing up


      So my Workaround result is:

      - Disable Host IPS - Fix

      - Upgrade HIPS and VSE to Patch 9 - Not Fix

      - Re-Install HIPS with current Security content - Not Fix

      - Re-Install HIPS with previous Security content - Fix

      - Exclude Application Protection Rule in (HIPS - IPS Rule) - Fix


      My Environment

      - ePO 5.3.2 build 156

      - McAfee Agent

      - McAfee HIPS Patch 7 - with Hotfix 1153407

      - McAfee VSE Patch 7 (

      - DLP

      - Drive Encryption

      - SiteAdvisor 3.50.1364


      Today I just excluded explorer.exe from application protection rule - for affected user but I need to find the root cause and solution of this issue.