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    McAfee won't install on my upgraded pc.


      I just recently upgraded my pc to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Before the upgrade I had to uninstall McAfee so that the upgrade could ensue. I've tried countless attempts to reinstall McAfee but to no avail. I've even used all of the support tools like, MVT, MCPR, Pre-Install tool but none of which seemed to remedy the issue. I've also seen where some say to delete a line of code "$mcreboot". I've searched every location given for it but could not find it anywhere on my computer. I have an active subscription but when I download McAfee and open it, it presents an error stating I need to restart my computer before I can install McAfee. I've restarted my computer numerous times but still encounter the same scenario. Has anyone else had this problem or knows a fix for it? I'm not too keen on formatting my C Drive just to get it to work so it'd be nice if we could work around that.