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    Configuring Failover between two proxies


      We are having some issues with our McAfee Web Gateway v7.6.2.5,  when the client opens the web browser a pac file is loaded. Inside the pac file there are two proxies the Florida (FL proxy) and the fail over Minnesota (MN proxy). When the client makes a request and if the FL proxy is up the request happens through this proxy when the FL proxy is down the requests are sent to the fail over the MN proxy. The issue we are having is when the FL proxy is up but there is no internet connection behind it, it still accepts request which cannot go through since there is no internet connection. Is there a way that we can send those unresolved requests to the MN proxy until the connection returns to FL proxy.


      The MCP (mcAfee client proxy) detects a proxy which is up and try to get an answer from this url in the Internet: http://mcp.webmaster.com/test/MCP.txt. If it does not receive any answer ( what is going to happen when Internet is down), it only remains in standby state waiting…and traffic is not redirected to any other proxy. In this case, the MCP does NOTHING.  Any insight on what to do in a situation like this?