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    “Hardware resetting...failure to load OS error”

      I work in the IT support department here at my company. A user here downloaded and installed Safeboot from HP’s Protect Tools site. We already use Pointsec as our encryption service. After the drive encrypted with Safeboot it became inaccessible. I decrypted Pointsec but the drive will not boot through Safeboot. I get a “Hardware resetting...failure to load OS error” error. I need to know how to either decrypt it or boot to a recover disk through the encryption to recover this user's data.
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          I think you've probably toasted this machine - layering two competing full disk encryption products at once is not supported by anyone. At least you needed probably to unwind in the correct (reverse) order (remove Drive
          Encryption for HP Protect Tools first since it was installed last..)

          Did you call HP as their version is subtly different and customised specifically for HP? - it would be best to log a ticket with them but I imagine they will tell you to revert to your backups..

          sorry. sad
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            Yeah I chatted with HP and they said to contact Safeboot which got me no where. The decryption of the Pointsec went through fine though and I can get to the Safeboot prompt and log in. Pointsec has a special sequence you can use to boot to cd or usb and access the files. Does anyone know if Safeboot has this too? If I can boot to a recovery disk I can get the files.
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              curious - so are you SURE the drive was fully encrypted with both Pointsec, and SafeBoot?

              I guess what you say could be possible, it would be an amazing piece of luck though for the DEPT pre-boot to survive a Pointsec pre-boot uninstall.

              Yes, SafeBoot (or rather McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's) has a tool to mount the drive outside of the pre-boot environment, but again, you are not using EEPC - you're using Drive Encryption for HP Protect Tools. That's something very different, and as you've probably discovered, your user I guess paid HP for the product, and thus your (limited) support route is also through HP.

              Don't think I don't want to help you, but in the same way that you can't take a Porsche Cayene to VW for diagnosis, you can't get support for HP products from McAfee, even though both were made in the same stable. happy We don't track the support processes for DEPT, though there's a lot of common theory and a reasonable probability (by luck more than design) that the tools are cooperable.

              When the user installed Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools they would have HAD to insert a USB stick to save some recovery information - did your user give that to you by any chance? Or perhaps they bought a subscription for the online key-recovery service? If so, perhaps all is not lost. If you have the keyblock (from the stick), all you really need then is the right support from whoever the user bought the software from - as you say a tool does exist to mount the drive and suck the data off, but you need to get it through HP.