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    McAfee Antivirus Plus will not install/work properly on my PC anymore, (new, formatted drive).


      Hi. Let's get right to the point.


      I can not do a custom install, I can not select what parts of the program I want installed. If I manage to install anything, (the installation stops every other time), I can not access the settings panel in McAfee. Sometimes it starts, after approx. 10 minutes. On the odd chance that I get access to the panel, any changes made to the program, such as blocking programs in the firewall, stopping/changing scheduled scans etc. are not registered by it. It's almost like it is write protected. I can not uninstall it. The only McAfee product showing in Add/Remove programs is the Web Advisor.


      In short, it's just not working as expected/it used to. I have no or limited access to settings. The changes made to it will not be registered by the program. It's impossible to uninstall McAfee and try again. In order to try something else, I have to reformat my drive from scratch.


      My config is Windows 7 Ultimate, (Swedish), 100% updated with all the fixes from Microsoft. Asus Z97-A, 32GB Corsair RAM, Samsung NVMe 960 Evo M.2 SSD @ 250GB, GF 960 x2 (SLI). I have tried installing everything on another SSD, disregarding the M.2 drive, a Samsung 850 Pro @ 256GB, but the problems are the same. All my drivers/bios etc. have been updated.


      I'm using the latest version of McAfee from my account. I have never had any problems like this earlier and I've used McAfee for a lot of years now. Grateful for any insight, help and advice I can get.


      Kind regards, Stefan.