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    licence activation and wrong email adress registered


      hi i bought a asus strix republick of gamers. Model:gl553v.in shop they said came with one year mcaffe lizense but i managed to give wrong email.Customer support didnt understan that it in the life

      safe software when u are to make a password to verify email.whitch i cant, ccause of it will den get activated for someone else who has acidddab@ while mine is aciddab666.customer servise mergeed count but thats on ur site and forums.i dont have a prob there.i need mcaffe as its on my system i have the box for computer with a big mcaffe live sticker.if for trial version im ****** cause anyone get get those not when u pay over 1000 euros  for a laptop.

      And i also have activation for bank but sowtware is still says email adress_the wrong one.

      was this hard to understand my problem ?help chat merged account an talked about reinstalling and how i get acsess to buy a license.i have 2 options for activation but now that i already own that something it tells me to get new info to play.i just want protection to not disapear .

      was this grammar understandebel=)

      if i reinstal software my name still merged now with account without licence whick is wrong 7

      thx in andvanse .


      ps my grammar is rusty